Online Poker no more interesting

Online Poker nowadays no more interesting. Is that true? Especially in Indonesia, now the more poker online site, the less poker player interested in.

Online Poker

Now Poker is not the only online card game that have been exist in Indonesia. There’s a lot more games, you can say more interesting than poker.

Why? Is not because online poker not a good game. Maybe it’s more difficult than others game, and spend more time to play. There is other game such as Domino, Ceme, BandarQ, AduQ, Capsa etc which is much much more interesting. It’s not only easy to play but also fast.

Imagine that you need to spend more than 2 minutes for each turn. And bet only 2K IDR. It looks like waste of time.

So how to deal with it? Maybe game server need to create a really fast poker table.

Online Poker